Content Marketing

Content Marketing

If you have done online research about how to promote your business there is a good chance that you have heard “content is king.” The reason this saying has lasted so long in our industry is simply that it is true. A large part of having a successful online presence is creating fantastic content that visitors can easily access online. Oftentimes when someone needs a website, they don’t take into consideration the amount of content that is necessary in order to complete a website.

SEO content writing showcases two elements that, unfortunately, most businesses aren’t great at: SEO and Content writing. Even if you have a dedicated team of in-house writers, SEO is a specific industry that takes a lot of time, effort and attention to learn. When done right, SEO and content writing can do the following things for your business’ online presence:

Boost your search rankings

Great content makes your page more visible and claim more prominent spots in the SERPs, which is important since these spots get the majority of the clicks and attention. Thus Good content makes the way for higher rankings.

Helps you remain competitive

If you’re not working on your SEO, but all your competitors are, you can bet you’re going to fall behind. Everyone’s doing it nowadays, and you can’t afford to be the last one on the line.

Saves you money

If you’ve been relying on paid advertising to reach your customers, SEO copywriting can represent a real cost-savings. SEO copywriting targets the customers you want to connect with.

Converts your visitors into paying customers

Regardless of your business model, SEO copywriting helps to engage your customers and encourage visitors to complete your desired goals.

What does it take to create fantastic online content ?

Our team is highly advanced and trained in creating new content for any business in any industry. Below are some of the focal points that should be considered when it comes to content creation and copywriting.

Helpful information and entertainment value is key

Google and other search engines have changed the way that they value online content. In general informative content that is engaging is going perform the best. Users will type questions into search engines above keyword phrases. This means if you can anticipate the questions your customers have and answer those questions online your website will stand the best chance of being found.

Diversify your method of delivery

Content marketing isn’t about just writing keyword related blogs and online articles, it is about spreading your message across various platforms and mediums. If you have created online blogs perhaps it is time to consider upping your social media interaction, engaging on Pinterest, creating infographics or even beginning an online video series on YouTube.

Consider your target audience

You have probably noticed that there are key demographics that purchase your product or require your service. It is important to speak their language and produce information in ways that appeal to them. We have written for almost every industry and know what your customers need to hear and how to get that information to them.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

At Smart Digital, we make it easy and effortless to outsource your content needs. And we do it by offering a transparent and effective hiring experience. For your convenience, we have put together some FAQ’s about our services.

Sure. We can write high-quality content for your niche website with a little help from you. Since your project is unique, we will ask you relevant questions to understand your business, setup and services.

Our ability to understand your requirement instantly, understanding your business and working with the objective to boost your business. Most importantly, we have concepts for your needs.

We are very fast with our replies. Once you have posted your request, we will revert to you within two hours if we receive your email during our working hours. Else, we will certainly revert to you within 24 hours.

It completely depends on your convenience. We will be happy to hear from you through any of the means: phone, email, or instant messaging.

Quality is our foremost objective and this is what drives us. Our team of writers is well-qualified, good with the language, and most importantly understands your requirements. The writers and editors we hire undertake a test to prove their capabilities. It would be nice to mention that we have writers from varied academic backgrounds.

Yes, absolutely. That is our job and this is where we give you edge. Due to our in-depth knowledge of SEO process and website content creation, we can provide you with website structuring and ideas for SEO friendly content, and how and where to place it on the website.

Yes, absolutely. We provide content management services to our clients. We are more than willing to look after your content requirements on a long-term basis.

Content marketing fits in a broader integrated marketing strategy and it requires a strategy of its own. However, just as all other strategies regarding specific marketing techniques (email marketing or social media marketing, for instance) such a strategy needs to be integrated in a broader strategy